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This will shake some of you to your toes, and I hope it does! you Just have to read this excerpt from an article in the Back to the Garden newsletter published by Hallelujah Acres company in North Carolina USA:

A list of some of the alternative medicine practices you are likely to encounter in the USA. Some of these are considered border-line acceptable even in the professional medical field, and many of the understand that this is unfortunate. Mostly these are just scams, and nonsense, quackery and fake which unfortunately gullible people believe in if they are grasping and desperate at false hope and believe. Keep your eyes opened and peeled for any of these company, and be prepared to stamp out the harmful ones like those people who believe them.



Hallelujah Diet:

“Reverend” George M. Malkmus claims to have eliminated his colon cancer and other serious health and fitness problems more than 25 years ago by “following biblical principles for a natural diet and healthy lifestyle of normal peoples.” George M. Malkmus and his loving heart wife Rhonda Jean operate the ‘Hallelujah Acres’, where they hold sell products, seminars, and advocate a diet that consists of raw vegetables and fruits.20% Off BarleyMax

Malkmus and his close followers claim that his methods have really helped those people with cancer, obesity, arthritis, and more than a hundred other health problems that is serious. Malkmus is a very eloquent speaker who is capable of inspiring those people who trust in what he says to the people. It has been speculated that he is in fact running a cult, with an different unknown number of followers at the ‘Hallelujah Acres’ official site.

“If diet makes a difference in our healthy lifestyle, why is it that my grandfather, who ate everything wrong, lives to be ninety years of age and his great grandson is in age 2, has cancer?”

If it’s diet that makes a difference, it would seem like my grandpa would be the one with the  serious trouble. Back in the 40′s there was a great dentist by the name of Francis Pottenger who had that same question about that. His real question was, “What does all the processed food do to our whole bodies?” So now Francis Pottenger was not a specialist nutrition nut, and he financed his own research on nutrition. So no one told him what results to come up with.

He used cats. He divided these cats into 5 teams. the primary 2 teams he fed unprocessed food that they love. Those cats remained healthy throughout the experiment, therefore let’s place them aside.


It’s the alternative 3 teams we’re inquisitive about. He fed them processed foods, junk foods in alternative words, and here’s what he found.

The first generation junk-food cats developed diseases very like we have a tendency to humans acquire—arthritis, cancers, diabetes, allergies, and then forth. They got these diseases toward the top of their lifespans.

The second generation junk-food cats developed those self same diseases within the middle of their lifespans. The third generation cats developed those diseases at the start of their lives.

There was no fourth generation. Either the third generation folks couldn’t conceive, or if they did, they aborted.

Right now in America, twenty fifth of young adults cannot conceive. it is the worst we’ve ever seen. The incidence of miscarriage or miscarriage is on the increase. it is the worst this country has ever seen.

The rest of the article is way too long to incorporate here, because it was taken from a tape of a speech given by Dr. Joel choreographer that received a ovation back in April of 1998. you’ll get the complete tape on-line at http://hacres.com



20% Off Joint Health

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